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Fort Lauderdale Insurance Bad Faith Lawyer

"Bad faith" refers to failure to uphold the terms of a contract. Most personal injury bad faith claims involve insurance companies who may, for example, fail to adequately defend or pay a claim. Such behavior is considered a violation of an expectation to place greater value on the customers' interests than the company's interests.

Because bad faith involves the violation of contract terms, often the litigation of a bad faith claim involves examination and explict definition of any relevant contracts. Often, terms which may appear self-evident to the insured (the plaintiff), actually have special definitions which may be known to the insurance company but not to the insured. In a court, all obscure or unclear terms and conditions will likely be interpreted to carry out the reasonable expectations of the insured party. Generally, any terms which are not clear will be interpreted to benefit the insured. There is no burden of proof of harm (that the company intended to cause harm), only a failure to honor the agreement.

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